Introducing $BDT Tokens

Revolutionizing cryptocurrency through utility, rewards, rebates, and governance

What is $BDT?

BitDelta, known as $BDT, is the official utility token for the BitDelta exchange. $BDT is your go-to crypto token seamlessly bridging Web2 and Web3 through a wide range of applications from rebates on derivatives and spot, governance for listing, feature launches, community incentives and more.


Token Chain

2.4 Billion

Total Token Supply

Aug 30th

Listing Date

Benefits of Holding $BDT

Discover the token's utilities and embrace corresponding power of $BDT token through upcoming developments on BitDelta exchange, entrance into new markets, and expansion


  • Get access to holder discount rates for your spot trades on the BitDelta exchange. Receive a total of 50% reduction on fees on every spot trade you make.
  • Within social trading, $BDT can be used as a measure of reputation or ranking, in addition to being a means of purchasing signals from top-performing traders.

Utility on traditional assets

  • Unlock traditional assets with $BDT token, truly bridging Web 2 and Web 3. $BDT serves not only crypto trading but could be used for traditional asset classes with more significant trading volumes.
  • Get upcoming discounts on fees for trading derivatives, stocks, forex, commodities, etc.


  • Be part of the decision-making process, voice your opinions, and utilize your rights for listings, protocol implementations, platform upgrades, and new feature launches.
  • Participate in bug bounty programs and feedback campaigns for the app.


  • Receive loyalty perks as part of the BitDelta community in the form of rewards, airdrops, and incentives facilitated by $BDT.
  • Be active on BitDelta social media platforms and earn rewards in $BDT within the level-up system. The bot tracks engaging followers and ranks them for reward distribution.

VIP access

  • Get exclusive access to launchpad, holder-only discounts on tokens, and more.
  • Use $BDT for various purposes beyond trading, including upcoming staking, lending, and borrowing services.

Independent asset

  • Benefit from $BDT, even if you are not a trader. With the expansion of the BitDelta exchange, entrance into new markets, and user-base growth, $BDT serves as an independent investment opportunity. Diversify your portfolio with the unique asset that is $BDT.

$BDT Token Explored

Token Name

Token Ticker

Token Chain


Subscription Price

undefined USDT

Circulating Supply


Total Supply



Circulating Supply

0 undefined


Users onboarding & Staking rewards

480,000,000 undefined



480,000,000 undefined



360,000,000 undefined



240,000,000 undefined


Research & Development

240,000,000 undefined

Get $BDT Today!

Buy through spot

Buy $BDT on the BitDelta spot platform using USDT, ETH, BTC or your preferred cryptocurrency.

Buy with card

Utilize your debit/credit card to buy popular cryptocurrencies and purchase $BDT within the platform.

Crypto conversions

Easily convert your existing spot balance to $BDT with real-time conversion rates and zero fees incurred.