Using BitDelta's algorithmic trading software, clients can automate trading strategies in cryptocurrency, forex, stocks, and derivatives. A method of executing orders that uses automated preprogrammed instructions to consider multiple variables is known as algorithmic trading.

Algo Trading Image

Algo trading on BitDelta platform

  • Create your own trading robot
  • Traders are welcome to trade with their robot.
  • The benefits of trading robots can be enjoyed to the fullest, regardless of whether you have programming experience or not.
  • BitDelta offers the opportunity to create your own algorithm and trade based upon your strategies in addition to the Expert Advisor development environment.
  • Trading Strategy Tester.
  • Test and optimize your trading robot before you use it for real trading.
  • Graphical display of test results.
  • At any time may dash
  • One of the most notable features of Strategy Tester is the display of Expert Advisor test results.

The results are shown in figures displaying an Expert Advisor's profit during a test. Additionally, they are also represented by a great amount of statistical data including profit/loss percentage ratio, number of profitable/loss-making deals, risk factor, expected payoff and much more.