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What is Race Kingdom?

The Race Kingdom (ATOZ) is a BEP20-compliant cryptographic token that can be traded on the BSC blockchain. It acts as both a currency on the Race Kingdom platform and an independent store of value that can be traded. Using Race Kingdom Token (ATOZ) for in-game transactions allows for lowering the costs incurred on transaction fees, and keeping them at the bare minimum. Race Kingdom is a Metaverse Web3 game with hyper immersive gameplay. Race Kingdom allows us to have a different identity, to have the friends we wish, to attend events, to buy goods and services instantly, just like in the real world, but in digital form. Within the Race Kingdom, the only way for players to survive is to buy, train, breed, and race multiple creatures. When their creatures succeed, the players earn the highly valuable ATOZ that powers the Race Kingdom. There will be 3800 in-Game NFTs will accelerate the development of the Metaverse by encouraging the growth of digital marketplaces. This model gives developers a global audience and consumers a unified experience.

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