BitDelta Student Ambassador Program. Learn, Earn and Connect.

Explore Trading, Crypto, WEB3 & Blockchain.


Empower your knowledge on all things Trading, WEB3, Crypto and Blockchain as BitDelta Campus Ambassador. Build your community and get on your BitDelta account to level up your trading journey!

What is the BitDelta Student Ambassador Program?

At BitDelta, as a global multi-asset exchange, we strive to make trading accessible to all, and with the BitDelta Ambassador Program, one of the best Campus Ambassador Program in the space, our aim is to empower students and young leaders who are enthusiastic about crypto, web3, blockchain, and financial markets to Learn, Earn and Connect.

Get valuable experience for your resume, receive and share knowledge, have fun, make a difference, and earn BitDelta rewards & swag.


Who Can Apply?

The BitDelta Student Ambassador Program is open to all talented students over 18 years old, champions of communication, who have the drive to move their community forward, and are passionate or would like to learn about Crypto, Web3, Blockchain and Trading in digital and traditional markets.

BitDelta Student Ambassador Benefits

Training, Certification & Mentorship

You will equip yourself with the knowledge of trading and blockchain through our comprehensive training and certification programs along with guidance and mentorship from BitDelta's seasoned experts.

Become part of the BitDelta Global Community

Our Program is a chance for you to be at the forefront of an incredible community of traders and Web3 enthusiasts, and connect with like-minded people.

Internships & Career Opportunities

Unlock exclusive internships and career openings with BitDelta. Learn from the industry's best minds and gain invaluable experience.

BitDelta Swag & Rewards

As a BitDelta Student Ambassador you can earn USDT in your BitDelta Account and exclusive BitDelta swag

Exclusive Event Invites

Get exclusive invites to BitDelta events and meetups across the globe and connect with a network of passionate traders and Web3 community members.

Your Mission as a BitDelta Student Ambassador


Lead the community

Create, develop and engage with a community of crypto, web3 and trading enthusiasts, that will become part of the global BitDelta community


Contribute to the development of BitDelta Ecosystem

Use your creativity passion and skills and create added value to BitDelta Ecosystem (Blogs, Videos, product improvement)


Spread the Knowledge

Through workshops and webinars, share the knowledge provided by BitDelta to your peers and spread awareness about BitDelta services.

As a BitDelta Student Ambassador, you'll enjoy increasing benefits and perks as you progress. Our expert team will provide the necessary support for your success.

Be part of one of the best ambassador programs and learn from the BitDelta Academy to earn valuable skills and experience. Gain insights into crypto trading and cryptocurrency training courses while contributing to the development of the exciting world of blockchain.


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