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Что такое cLFi?

LFi is a decentralized network focused on shaping the future of value creation and economic innovation. It operates on its own blockchain, guided by a DAO-driven ecosystem The LFi Ecosystem offers decentralized solutions that are tightly integrated with its primary blockchain. This integration ensures a smooth and user-friendly experience, emphasizing the benefits of open-source, decentralized platforms. There are two main tokens in the LFi ecosystem: LFi: This is the ecosystem's native token. It's primarily used to cover gas fees. After vesting, it transforms into vLFi, which can be utilized for various network services, including cryptocurrency transactions and token minting. cLFi: Serving as the utility token within the LFi ecosystem, the primary function of cLFi is to enable users to activate the Unit license, allowing them to partake in the token minting process."""""""

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