How to Buy Ether.fi (ETHFI)

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What is Ether.fi?

ether.fi is a liquid restaking protocol on ethereum. Their liquid restaking token, eETH, is the first native liquid restaking token on Ethereum. Stakers can mint eETH on ether.fi. When a user does this, ether.fi will then stake and restake the ETH, allowing users to maximize rewards. By minting eETH you are getting exposure to 4 types of rewards: 1) Ethereum staking rewards 2) ether.fi Loyalty Points 3) restaking rewards (including EigenLayer points) 4) ability to provide liquidity to Defi protocols.

Ether.fi Price

$ 5.194 USD



How can you buy ETHFI on the BitDelta?

Buy ETHFI safely and securely with just a few simple steps